We are happy to offer a unique service to our community. Everything we use is 100% natural (plant and animal sources), and safe for People, Pets & the Planet. With Deep Roots Natural Care Services we will use only the best, most effective, natural methods of maintaining the quality of your entire landscape.


You need Fertile soil, Rich with Organic Life to have a Greener, Stronger Landscape!


Does your Soil have Life? Or is it Dirt!


Soil is alive with microbes, they improve the soil structure, making it possible for oxygen and water to reach deeper into the soil. Soil without microbes will become compacted by people, pets, and equipment. Your roots can only grow as deep as the oxygen and water supporting them will allow.


We apply microbes back into your soil and supply the microbes and plants with our nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer. We feed the soil and let the soil feed the plants. Natural Fertilization is designed to correct the chemical, physical, and biological imbalances in the soil to provide a healthy environment for plants. Although our products contain nitrogen and other nutrients required by plants, they generally have to be processed by the soil biology to be available. This provides a steady and slow release form of food for the plants and will not burn lawns.


Natural Fertilization also gives plants deeper roots which help the plants through periods of stress, drought and defend against pest and disease. Feeding Your Soil is as important as Watering your Landscape! A Deep Roots lawn will have denser, deeper roots that hold moisture better and require less watering, mowing, weeding and will be more resistant to drought, disease, and pest.


Organic fertilizing programs will save you money!


Get Your Lawn Off Drugs!

What is wrong with conventional lawn care products? Quick fix, petroleum-based fertilizers make lawns grow fast and green, but exhaust grass roots and kill beneficial bacteria and fungi, thereby promoting unbalanced insect populations. Broadleaf weed controls kill weeds, but they also kill beneficial micro-organisms that work to keep soil nurturing and alive. Thatch build-up occurs when there is no microbial life to decompose it. Toxic pesticides also harm trees, woody plants, kill our bees and stay around a lot longer without a healthy microbial population to decompose them. In addition, the toxins contaminate the soil, seep into the water table, and threaten our irreplaceable water supply.


Un-Natural Fertilizers are degrading the Earth's soil and in return, it will continue to de-grade us! We need our planet to have healthy soil, rich in minerals and soil life. Healthy soil means a Healthy Us! Help Revive our Planets Soil One Yard at a Time!


Contact us if you need to get things back in balance! 830 822-5502 or use the contact form.